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Palette and painting knives are sometimes distinguished from each other by either being straight or having an off-set handle. But most people use the terms interchangeably. Brustro's Painting Knives are a perfect blend of functionality, quality and elegance. The polished blade is complemented by a brass ferrule and a beautiful polished hardwood handle. Palette knives are useful in a myriad of ways - Can apply paint on surface in a heavy impasto way or by using the edge you can apply paint in a fine line. Can be used to mix paint on palette. It can scoop paint or medium from a tin or pot. It can be used to remove excess paint from your painting by scraping it off. one can draw in the wet paint with a palette knife. It helps to scrape your palette clean. The stainless steel are ideal for acrylics, oil and alkyds. Available in individuals & sets.
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